The process of ordering a custom bicycle is really the process of me building a relationship with you to best determine your needs and the bicycle that will best meet them. I would suggest a phone call or an e-mail to make initial contact, and we can begin to sort out what it is you want and how I can help. At this point I can give you a rough idea of cost and build time, and you can tell me some details of what you’re looking for. If you decide that I am the right person to build you a bicycle, then you can secure your place in the queue by leaving a $750 non refundable deposit and having you sign a build contract which gives you an estimated delivery date. 

As I begin the design process, I will ask a lot of questions and each person can decide how much they want to be involved with the detail of this process. Some people have a strong sense of what they want in detail and others have vague ideas of what they need and wish to leave the details to me. Either way I can put together a price list for the components that we decide to use and I will do a final design drawing before I start. Once I begin the fabrication process, I usually make a web gallery so you can see the process of your bike being built each step of the way. 

Once the frame is underway, I need to have the components on hand to double check fit and function before the frame goes to paint, so at this point you will be invoiced for the total cost of the components. Once the frame has been completed and painted, I allow about a week for the paint to cure properly, and then the frame will be prepped and final assembled. The finished bicycle can then be picked up or packed and shipped, once payment balance has been received.



I consider myself a bicycle builder as apposed to a frame builder, what that means is I prefer to design a bicycle from the ground up, including all of the components that will be used. I also consider the bicycle building process as a whole and prefer to determine the price as a whole so if you’re interested in a bicycle and have specific needs, contact me and I can give you an estimated cost. Here are some basic prices that will give you a starting point.

  • Lugged or filleted frames- starting at $2200

  • Tig welded frames $2000

  • Custom lugged fork $400

  • Custom racks & baskets- starting at $400

  • S&S Coupler retrofit or instillation $550

  • Components MSRP